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Cyber Point Solutions Security Division - provides a wide range of information assurance and cyber security services to the US Government, and Commercial organizations. As a result of our unique expertise, we have blended our security knowledge, processes, and proven tools into our cloud solution offerings to ensure the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of our customer's data and resources.

Our organization adheres to the following Cloud Computing Bill of Rights:

  1. Customers own their data.
  2. Customers have the right to know where their data is at all times.
  3. Customers have a right to know who will or may have access to their data.
  4. Customers have a right to constant access of their data.
  5. Customers have a right to their data if the provider goes out of business.
  6. Customers have a right to know how and where their data is stored.
  7. 7. Customers have a right to know immediately of a data breach or security incident that could potentially affect their data or customer services.
The advantages of Cloud Computing include:
  • Green IT (substantial energy savings)
  • Increased Security (enterprise-level security devices and monitoring)
  • Reduced Costs (fewer upfront and lifecycle costs)
  • Utility Based (pay only for what you need)
  • Rapid Scalability (increase or decrease resources as needed)
  • Offers Flexibility (access from anywhere with internet connectivity)
  • Supports IT Diversity (most all computing devices)